A Change is in the Air

IMG_5629My favorite part of living in New England is start of a new season. Each spring, summer, fall and winter – you are given a chance to change things up – to refresh, rejuvenate and refuel – as the world transforms around you. There is something about the beginning of autumn in particular– the cool weather, colored leaves and brand new academic calendar that makes me want to create new lists, reflect on what is working and what is not and reorganize my office and my life just a bit!

Recently, I had the pleasure of attending a special event that was planned by Gail Lowney Alofsin, a terrific educator and event marketing professional. She was kind enough to share a copy of her book with me, Your Someday is Now. In her book, she has gathered quotes and advice from experts from all walks of like to share insight into their challenges and successes to help others in their path towards excellence. I’d like to share a few excerpts:

Don’t “what if” your life. Be happy with the decisions you make and don’t look back.

-Nicole Bertrand, Acquisition Marketing Manager, Cox Communications

I have spent time with many older people and the ones who are happiest don’t say – “I wish I had,” but instead say, “I did.”. To do is one of the guiding forces of my life.

-Brian Hill, Festival Executive, Atlanta, Georgia

Whether personal or professional…Set goals. Divide those goals into 3 categories of importance – “Must Do Now Goals,” “Sometime Soon Goals,” and “On the Future Radar Goals.” Create a plan, and do something each day that will bring you closer to reaching your goals.

– Natalia Kuziw, Assistant Media Buyer, Deutsch

At the end of the day, if you want something done, ask a busy person. The bottom line is that a busy person knows how to get it done.

-Larry Cancro, Senior VP of Fenway Affairs, Boston Red Sox

Gail shares that we all have dreams of doing something…someday. And throughout her book, she helps provide a path for making each of our somedays… NOW!

I hope these quotes will inspire you to take that next step – whatever it may be – to set new goals, plan a pathway to achieve them, create the career you dream of, and to live the life you envision – full of gratification, pride, empowerment and success!

IMG_5451Gail’s book is only available from her directly at this time. And…all of the proceeds are donated to charity! Stay tuned for information on where to purchase it! We’ll post it on our Facebook page – Special Events Institute -soon!  And for current and new students enrolled in our program – we’ll be entering you into a drawing for a FREE COPY!

For those of you who dream of having a successful career in special event planning a part of your SOMEDAY…consider joining us this term at the Special Events Institute.  The Fall 2 term begins on October 19th!  Register on our ENROLL NOW page.

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