Event Marketing examines all aspects of the marketing mix as they relate to successfully marketing an event. The course will explore various marketing tools – from the traditional to the emerging – to successfully promote an event. It will also cover the role of marketing in the event life-cycle, demonstrating the best use of marketing tactics while utilizing evaluation techniques to measure a successful outcome.



By the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Identify the elements that impact the event marketing plan
  • Create a blog for an event
  • Calculate and manage the costs that affect the event marketing budget
  • Evaluate the best medium to market an event
  • Recognize and discuss how design impacts the perception of an event



Teaching strategies for this online course will include lectures and facilitated discussion, case study method, readings, and analytical presentations by individuals and groups.



Topic 1: Introduction to Event Marketing – Forum: Using the 5 P’s in a Client Meeting – 10%

Topic 2: Integration – The Five Ws of Event Marketing – No assignment

Topic 3: Promotional Tools to Drive Event Success – Assignment: Create a Press Release – 15%

Topic 4: Marketing Design and Collateral – Assignment: Create a Marketing Plan Worksheet- 15%

Topic 5: Funding the Event Marketing Program – Quiz – Funding the Event Marketing Program- 15%

Topic 6: Marketing Strategies – Print – No assignment

Topic 7: Marketing Strategies – Web-based – Assignment: Create a Blog- 15%

Topic 8: Marketing your Event Business – Assignment: Create a Newsletter- 15%

Final Project: Create an Event Marketing Plan – 25%


Academic Content with Assessments

To complete each 8-week Course, students will have the following time commitments:

  • Online Presentation: 1 hour
  • Student/teacher engagement (via forum postings, course discussions): 2 hours

Total Student/Instructor time: 3 hours

  • Text Reading: 3 hours
  • Topic Review: 2 hours
  • Assignment/Assessment: 3.5 hours

Total Review and Preparation: 8.5 hours

Total Student Weekly Engagement: 11.5 hours

24 CMP Credit Hours


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