The role of an event planner and manager requires a keen eye for design while factoring in the logistical and risk implications. Event Design and Decor will examine the process of identifying client needs and preferences, researching design options and creating unique decor elements to support the events goals and objectives. Students will learn how to explore the design phase of the event planning process using internal and external team members.



By the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Identify key design elements to use in an event to enhance the event experience
  • Design a décor budget for event design and installation including per item/total cost
  • Produce a presentation that showcases design elements
  • Create a production schedule that considers the design, creation, and décor installation and dismantle
  • Devise a plan to identify, assess, manage and reduce risk as it pertains to event décor
  • Create a proposal that will use décor and design elements to achieve event objectives
  • Describe current event design trends and tools



Teaching strategies for this online course will include lectures and facilitated discussion, case study method, readings, and analytical presentations by individuals and groups.



Topic 1: The Event Design Process – Forum: Event Design Observations -10%

Topic 2: Site Selection – Forum: Choose an event location – 10%

Topic 3: Event Layout & Fulfillment – Planning and Event Space Schematics -Quiz: Planning the space -10%

Topic 4: Event Layout & Fulfillment – Designing the Space – Forum: Impressions from Case Studies – 10%

Topic 5: Design Elements – the finer details – Assignment: Create a Design Inspiration Board – 15%

Topic 6: Decorating with Flowers & Plants – No Assignment

Topic 7: Budgeting for the Event Design Elements – Assignment: Event Design Budget -15%

Topic 8: Coordinating the Design Process – Quiz: Coordinating vendors -10%

Topic 9: Final: Create a Design Proposal – 20%

CREDIT STUDENTS: Event Design Innovation paper


To complete each 8-week Course, students will have the following time commitments:

  • Online Presentation: 1 hour
  • Student/teacher engagement (via forum postings, course discussions): 2 hours

Total Student/Instructor time: 3 hours

  • Text Reading: 3 hours
  • Topic Review: 2 hours
  • Assignment/Assessment: 3.5 hours

Total Review and Preparation: 8.5 hours

Total Student Weekly Engagement: 11.5 hours

24 CMP Credit Hours

2 Credit Course – Endicott College


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