The many moving parts of an event and the way they are planned and executed can be thought of as Event Production and Logistics. Events may have few and simple production elements or complex and intricate features but all events will call for careful consideration of how the technical and supporting details are managed. This course will cover technical features of an event as well as the people, services and elements that support the event’s objectives.

Course Goals- This course will help students to:

  • Identify key elements, features and programs that are necessary to achieve event objectives
  • Create complete planning documents to support the execution of event production
  • Devise an overview of the event to engage the appropriate supplier and vendors to support event goals

Course Outcomes- By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Identify key production elements for various event types
  • Manage a production budget listing line items for an event
  • Produce a Show Flow/Run of Show script for an event
  • Create a production schedule that outlines all elements of the event
  • Create a timeline that will consider the process of securing production elements

Course Syllabus- In this course we will cover the following topics:

  1. Event Elements Assessment
  2. Event Space Considerations
  3. Tented Events
  4. Event Technology – AV, lighting, special effects
  5. Entertainment
  6. Other event elements
  7. Catering and Cuisine
  8. Production Planning



  • Course One: Foundations of Event Planning
  • Course Two: Event Marketing
  • Course Three: Event Design & Décor


Graded Assignments-

TOPIC 1: Assignment

TOPIC 2: Forum Post – SWOT analysis on event location

TOPIC 3: Quiz – Tenting

TOPIC 3: Quiz – Audio Visual & Lighting

TOPIC 4: Forum Post- Entertainment Ideas

TOPIC 5: Forum Post – List of photos to be taken

TOPIC 7: Assignment

TOPIC 8: Project Due

Final Evaluation of the close of the course

To complete each 8-week Course, students will have the following time commitments:

  • Online Presentation: 1 hour
  • Student/teacher engagement (via forum postings, course discussions): 2 hours

Total Student/Instructor time: 3 hours

  • Text Reading: 3 hours
  • Topic Review: 2 hours
  • Assignment/Assessment: 3.5 hours

Total Review and Preparation: 8.5 hours

Total Student Weekly Engagement: 11.5 hours

24 CMP Credit Hours


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