Whether working in a large hotel, for an event planning firm, or starting a business– an event professional is called upon to utilize a variety of skills to successfully manage a team. In Event Management and Leadership, students will gain insight into the skills needed to be successful in a leadership role. This course will also examine the responsibility of event leaders to address environmental issues (Green Events), ethics, risk analysis and quality of events (Service Management.)

Course Outcomes- By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Identify the key elements to managing people and projects
  • Create financial documents to run a fiscally-sound event
  • Develop a quality control document to measures event success
  • Identify ways to create environmentally-friendly events
  • Learn how to use technology in your event management process
  • Devise a plan to identify, assess, manage and reduce risk


  • Course One: Foundations of Event Planning
  • Course Two: Event Marketing
  • Course Three: Event Design & Décor
  • Course Four: Event Production & Logistics

Course Syllabus- In this course we will cover the following topics:

  1. Service Management & Hospitality – the guest experience
  2. Staff Management – managing your event team
  3. Supplier/Vendor and Contract Management
  4. Business and Event Management
  5. Financial Management
  6. Risk Analysis and Management/Ethics
  7. Event Protocol
  8. Green Events and Event Sustainability


Grading Policy –

Course Five: Event Management & Leadership will offer eight topics on event production basics. Each topic will have one assignment which could be a quiz, a posting to the forum or a case study. Each of these assignments will be worth 10% of your grade. A passing grade will be a score of 70% or higher.

Forum Posts will be graded on Relevance, Comprehension, Timeliness, Style and Tone. See the Discussion Rubric for more information on scoring of Forum Posts. You will receive a maximum of 15 points for each Forum post.

Each week one or two topics will be covered giving you a chance to “test your knowledge” of the readings and presentations through the course assignment. Have fun, spend some time thinking about the material and enjoy.

Graded Assignments-

TOPIC 1: Forum Post – Service Standard Plan

TOPIC 2: Forum Post – Staffing Needs for an Event

TOPIC 4: Presentation of Project – Write a Business Plan

TOPIC 5: Assignment – Cash Flow Analysis

TOPIC 6: Assignment –Ways to Reduce Risk

TOPIC 6: Forum Post – Ethic Discussion

TOPIC 8: Forum Post – Ways to “Green” an Event

TOPIC 8: Project Due

Final Evaluation of the close of the course

To complete each 8-week Course, students will have the following time commitments:

  • Online Presentation: 1 hour
  • Student/teacher engagement (via forum postings, course discussions): 2 hours

Total Student/Instructor time: 3 hours

  • Text Reading: 3 hours
  • Topic Review: 2 hours
  • Assignment/Assessment: 3.5 hours

Total Review and Preparation: 8.5 hours

Total Student Weekly Engagement: 11.5 hours

24 CMP Credit Hours



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