Foundations of Event Planning examines the many skills event planners are called on to use during the process of executing an event. The course will also examine some common types of events that require the skills of a professional planner.

This course will focus on the event life cycle and cover the many elements of the event process from initial client meetings to execution of the event. It will also guide students through the process of selecting the necessary materials and human resources. Other topics include budgeting for your event elements, contracts, and evaluation measures.



By the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Recognize the critical stages of event planning and the skills needed to plan and execute an event
  • Evaluate the process of securing event clients
  • Design a time estimation guide for your services
  • Recognize how to connect with vendors and resources to produce your event
  • Summarize the many facets of staff and vendor management



Teaching strategies for this online course will include lectures and facilitated discussion, case study method, readings, and analytical presentations by individuals and groups.



Topic 1: The Event Life Cycle – Forum Post – Share an Experience with an Event – 5%

Topic 2: Event Types and Challenges – Quiz – SWOT Analysis – 10%

Topic 2: Event Types and Challenges – Forum Post – SWOT Analysis Discussion – 5%

Topic 3: Initial Meetings and RFPs – Forum Post – Impressions of the Initial Meeting – 5%

Topic 4: The Event Process – Forum Post – Community Events Critique – 5%

Topic 5: Proposals – Quiz – Analyze the Proposal – 10%

Topic 6: Procurement – Assignment: Submit Sweet 16 Event Concept – 10%

Topic 7: Budgets and Event Costs -Assignment: Submit Time Estimation Guide – 10%

Topic 8: Contracts – Quiz – Analyze the Contract – 10%

Topic 9: Evaluation – Quiz – Staffing – 10%


Credit Students: Event Planning Workbook

24 CMP Credit Hours


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