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Setting your Goals for 2016

Your journey through life is like an envelope - it's all about the labels your experiencesput on the front! Where's your letter of life going_ngHappy 2016!

Wishing you all a year ahead filled with good health, prosperity and a steady path to your 2016 goals.

We wanted to share a look at our last year:
• The Academic Specialty Course was launched and enjoyed its first graduates.
• Our Weddings Specialty Course became Educationally Approved by the International Special Events Society (ISES Approved).
• We partnered with Bryant University to offer a Certificate in Event Management through their Executive Development Center.
• We presented 5 more groups of graduates with their Certificate in Special Events Planning – and sent them on their way to job promotions, new businesses and exciting opportunities!

And here’s what we are looking forward to:
• The Corporate Event Course is open – it’s filled with fantastic guest lecturers, charts, tools and resources. We are using Professional Meeting Management as a textbook – it’s a great way to prep for the CMP if that is on your “GOAL LIST”.
• We’ll be speaking at the The Special Event Show on Tuesday (#TSE2016) in Orlando, FL. Instructor Karen F. Salhaney, M. NP and I (Jill S. Moran, CSEP, Executive Director) will be giving a talk on Internship Programs, Tuesday, January 12th at 11:30AM. Stop by if you are at the conference!
• Partnerships – We are working with colleges, universities and associations to bring some exciting new educational offerings to event professionals in the year ahead! Stay tuned!

My personal goals this year center on the theme “moderation”
• Keep goals to a minimum – no more than 3 a day.
• Celebrate even a small success every day.
• Listen to my body – keep it healthy and feeling good through good eating, exercise and rest!
• Take time to enjoy things that recharge and regenerate me – walking, a chat with family or friends, being in my garden or outside.
• Remember to say “thank you “– and smile! Live a life of appreciation and gratitude!

As a gift, I’d like to offer COVER_EventPlanningBusinessa chapter in the latest edition of my book, How to Start a Home-based Event Planning Business. It’s the chapter on Being your Best. I hope it offers some ideas to help you create the life you dream of and enjoy the journey along the way!

We look forward to continuing to be a resource for you and staying in touch in the year ahead!

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Jill S. Moran, CSEP
Executive Director
Special Events Institute

Career Tips: Becoming a Wedding Planner

HTSHBWedding2EdI am graduating from college and want to start my own business. Will brides be willing to hire someone who may seem young and inexperienced?

The best way to get hired is to begin as an apprentice with a more experienced planner. The early stages of a client relationship may include an initial meeting where you serve as an assistant to the seasoned planner. As the planning progresses, you will have the opportunity to show your value as you offer advice and take care of the countless details involved in the planning process. This is a great way to get a handle on the process while being under the watchful eye of a pro.

I am a teacher; could I run a wedding planning business as a second job, seeing that I have weekends and summers off? Is it even possible to juggle this new venture with an already-existing job?

It’s not only possible but advisable to consider another plan for income when you are just starting off in the wedding planning industry. You will want to have some financial support, whether it comes from another job, a loan, or a partner who helps with your living expenses while you get your company off the ground. Meetings with vendors and clients can be worked around a light or part-time day schedule. Weddings are often on weekends, when a typical Monday- through-Friday job would not interfere. Consider easing into your new business to keep your stress level down, at least when it comes to finances.

I just helped plan my sister’s wedding, and it was a great experience. How can I get my feet wet in the industry?

Consider approaching a church and asking if they have a day-of-event coordinator on staff. It may be a paid or volunteer job, but it will get you in the wedding mode quickly. Or, contact an established planner and ask if he or she needs help with setup on wedding days. Most planners would love to have an able and willing person who is passionate about the industry assisting them; a person who will treat the wedding process with the attention for detail that is necessary. Even if you aren’t paid for some early projects, it will give you the experience you need to launch your company and give you something to reference with a new client or prospect.

Are wedding consultants in demand today? Is it a growing industry?

While many industries go through slumps from time to time, for special event planners, the wedding market tends to remain consistent. Even if the economy takes a dip, weddings will still be celebrated and busy people will still call on professionals for advice and assistance. While budgets may be smaller, wedding planners can add value by offering ways to cut costs and still get a memorable wedding day. People still believe in the institution of marriage and celebrate this custom with a festive affair. With couples approaching their nuptials at a later age, both often employed and busy, hiring a wedding planner is a must! Destination and multicultural weddings have also become increasingly popular options for a specialized segment of the wedding planning industry, adding to the demand for experienced planners.